Here we go

Otto Blücker is an Swedish photographer and music producer. Or as he likes to call himself "a creative outdoor enthusiast". His music has been supported by some of the biggest DJs on the planet and his work as a photographer has made him work all over the world. Ottos exploits has allowed him to work with some of the greatest directors, brands and people out there. 

Same coin, different sides. One in the music scene, 

and one in film & photography, preferably in the wild.


Making people dance.

Otto Blückers creative path started at a young age. Coming from a family with artists, dancing was where it began. As a teenager he competed in the european- and World championships as a dancer. Focusing on hiphop, breaking and related forms of dancing he later formed the dance company COMPLETE. After years as a professional dancer, he wanted to make others dance, shifting his focus to producing music and the wheels of steel...



Otto Blücker has with his distinct influences of disco and funk been topping the charts in South east Asia, featured in games and gained support from some of the biggest acts on the planet of dance music trough out the years including David Guetta, Galantis, Steve Aoki and many more. 



Filming  and documenting everything from an early age lead to work within TV & Film, both in front of the camera and behind it. Otto Blücker has worked on documentaries, music videos, tv show and feature films across the globe.. Clients including Disney, BBC, Svt, Carlsberg. Most work has been produced trough his production company ROOKIIS MEDIA. Today his focus lays on film & photography in the outdoors and storytelling.


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