One page, to rule them all.
One person, multiple disciplines.
In short, Otto Blücker works within multiple fields and has done so throughout the years. 
The redline has always been creativity.


... One of many creative outlets of Otto Blücker is his music. Something that has been there throughout his life. With his background as a music producer - and professional dancer, the career as a DJ was close at hand early on. His music has been topping the charts in South east Asia, been featured in games and supported by acts such as Galantis, Steve Aoki, David Guetta and many others. 


Filming  and documenting everything lead to work within TV at an early age both in front of the camera and behind it. Being one of the most established drone photographers in Sweden has led Otto Blücker to work on documentaries and feature films both in Sweden and international. Since two years back, most productions is made trough his company ROOKIIS. A company that has its focus (but not limited to) branded content in the outdoor industry - it even has its own PODCAST (Who could have guessed?)



Even though Otto Blücker is allergic to the term, he has come to peace with the fact that, that's what it is. He is DJing - and he is good at it. With years of doing it and hundreds of events behind him he knows how to serve the floor at the smallest exclusive club, to your wedding or the biggest event out there. Tthe music in his sets  leans towards House, Disco and Funk but Otto Blückers deep knowledge in music makes him a versatile person to work with and assures that the dance floor is packed and that the music is in line with your event. 



All DJ bookings goes via Sandra Bergman Belllqvist at COCO TRANSISTOR EVENT.